Cant login to my EUW acc since i dont have a riot account

Hi! 3 days ago i logged into my EUW account (after 4 months being inactive on league) with the old credentials without issue. I didn't get any popup stating i had to create a new riot account, which i got when i logged into this EUNE account afterwards. I didn't think much of it since I haven't played in such a while. Now when I tried to login to my euw account after a couple of days it said my credentials were wrong (even though it worked just 3 days ago), but since I haven't created a riot account I apparently can't login at all (I have the right region). That account is super old as well so I don't even have the email anymore. Surely there must be some way to log in if i have my old account name and password for that account? And why in gods name can't the new riot account have the same name as the league account? I've spent tons of time and money on that account and now it feels like its lost forever. Help?
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