GTX 960 2GB

Hello Riot , When I first bought my gaming pc I used to have 230+ fps in the game . Right now i'm at 70~140~200 . Too much freezing too much stuttering . So what is going on ? I'm pretty sure that gtx 960 is super decent for your game but to run low through time is just incredibly sad . My specs : SSD evo 850 i5 4460 3.2Ghz 16 GB DD3 RAM MSI Gtx 960 2GB Win 10 Home Edition So I tried repairing the client . I tried to lower graphics to gain back the smoothness in the game but in the end of the day everything is useless . Even the client is buggy and feels heavy on the pc after the latest recent patches . Can you please consider optimizing the game every year so when new champs come out or changes happen to champions like it doesn't affect the performance of your games. Maybe this can help fixing the issue.
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