I got banned for no utter reason..

So, i just want to start with this.. i got reported for verbal abuse last game in ranked but only thing i said was report master and i had a good reason for it.. the guy had 6/17.. and my team agreed, and now their team probably got angry or something like that and they reported me :-/ now what to i do?! i won't get the pool party rewards :/ and all of that is cuz i got report for someone anger that they lost T-T oh and btw that master was refusing to communicate with team, every team fight he was farming in jungle, he went rambo on them when ever he wanted oh and yeah... 6/17?! but we still won so i didn't report the guy i felt sorry and said don't report master at the end of the screen and it was ok, now after this update i go in and im banned from ranked 30 games and i got 70 games ban but i didn't flame.. actually i did when we we're supposed to take baron and master had atleast 10 sec to smite him and hi didn't so their lee took the baron that's when i said report this idiot master.. uh.. wow i soo flamed that i had to get reported -_- ty guys. it's not fair!
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