FreeSync not working on League?

I recently got myself a 144 hz monitor (HP Omen 25 Z7Y57AA) and it supports FreeSync. Other games are taking advantage of it and feel smooth regardless of whether I have 60 or 120 fps which Is unfortunately not the case with League. If the framerate drops bellow 144 fps (which is the refresh rate that the monitor is initially set to), instead of lowering the refresh rate to match the fps it just starts stuttering meaning that FreeSync is not working for some reason. I have tried making a custom profile in Radeon Settings for League and switching the Radeon FreeSync option from "AMD optimized" to "On" but no change. I have also tried using the in-game fps cap but that just makes the game stutter constantly, and turning Vsync on makes the game freeze every 2 seconds. Any help is appreciated.
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