For people having trouble with sudden fps drops/freezes.

I myself never had any performance issues before , fps drops started after around last patch. Before i could play with 140 fps plus stable if i wanted but i always kept it at 60 fps locked. Currently for me it's dipping to round low 30-40's every now and again. As i said to Riot Support , i know my rig is not modern but such huge sudden drop in performance "out of nowhere" just feels really really bad. Basically can't play , can't get used to it , no way. Response from Riot support from my ticket since i don't see any of those on Red Tracker whatsoever for some unknown reason to me. " I'm sorry to say this but there is a known issue currently with dual core CPUs that leads to performance drops in League. Our team is working on it but we do not yet have an ETA on when this will be fixed. The issue appears to be related to how these CPUs process information and, as they tend to be quite old, they are not able to keep up with newer applications. League may not have high hardware requirements, but the way League functions does use recent technology that some CPUs may not support and while we are looking into fixing this in future versions, right now, other than upgrading to a multi-core CPU with more than 2 cores there are no known solutions :( " And " The problem is not a matter of optimization. The problem is at the CPU level in how the data is handled by the hardware itself. Different CPUs work by handling data differently depending on their physical construction -- the way a quad core CPU handles its instructions is very different from a dual or single or hexa core CPU. Older dual core CPUs also very old instruction sets coded into them which makes the way new applications require data to be processed more difficult to do. It's just a matter of the technology being out of date. Looking to other applications that are coded differently doesn't really help – League is not built the same, doesn't work the same, doesn't have the same requirements and is ultimately not the same application so comparisons are not really functional. The problem is not that the CPU itself is damaged, it works the way it always did -- that just isn't enough for the current version of League and we're looking into recovering that compatibility but at the moment there are no ETAs on when this will be fixed. In truth, dual core CPUs are plainly too old to work properly today and as time passes they won't be able to keep up with more and more applications that require the CPU to run certain instruction sets it simply was never built to handle. Increasing its CPU priority may help as the data is processed above other software but that doesn't eliminate the base issue, I'm afraid. " Feels bad man. Only option seems to get a new PC/CPU , which sure , makes sense as game get's modernized i guess. Rip if you can't afford to do it, like i can't currently.
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