All jokes a side, bugged matchamking.

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I was Master on eune with around 300 points when i transfered to euw and made it to (plat 1 ) after one game, decent, said I as I understood how plat 1 is max achivable league after things like this , so i went into games and with gaining over +35 points per win and losing 10 per lose i couldnt make it further than diamond 5 cus i was constantly getting players that are having the best games of their lives on opposite side and players that "had a bad game" on my side. This wasnt case of 1 or 2 games this was over 200 games before i got permanetly stucked in d5 and after that started falling backwards and now proudly made it to p5. When my friend transfered (Alaraz28) from eune d1, ranked #1 Syndra in the world by kda won ,games and etc ,has been stucked in plat 1 for over a month now. Something is broken with matchmaking when you drop from higher LEagues and its getting annoying, ive taken other accounts under my wing skipped Platinum on both EUW and EUNE in Day and a half, But on my main account i cant pass more than plat 5 and i keep falling ? Constantly getting teammates that are not playing lol that often, are tilted, are having bad games , are trolling and etc, but their teams matchamking is always in perfect condition with few smurfs on each game. Now before i fall into even deeper depression and amaze myself by my bad luck, could it possibly be something beyond that something wrong in matchmaking codes, something that is not shown to players but only Riot ? Could it be that i somehow got stucked between somewhere, Cus im not tracable on any Ranking sites such as Lolking, ,lolskill and so on. It seems a little bit far fetch that i as a Master couldnt get out of platinum league and it seems far fetch that "everyone is having bad games" in 95% out of 200 games ? Toughts ? Sincerely Doyla the God (EUW)

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