Parental Approval - how would it ever work?

Parental Approval Information for Players
tl;dr: If you're in Europe and under the age of 16, you might need your parents to respond to our email. The European Union has passed a slew of data privacy laws which affect games and digital ac...
"the age of eligibility according to the date of birth you listed on your account" Like reddit is saying, Riot is about to find out everybody is born on January 1st... I mean okay they have to do it because it's European law and stuff but this is a joke, right? Yes, Riot, I am 16 or older *twinkle*, no age verification needed. Why do it in the first place? To cover your ass against the European law? Isn't the checkbox Yes I am old enough with the registration enough already? How would this "new" system be any better? If they were really concerned they'd have to implement a real age verification system which bites with player anonymity.
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