Packet loss / ping spikes ONLY while playing League

I'm having a weird issue with packet loss, but first the details: Computer: PC - Windows 10 Pro Router: [ASUS RT-AC1200]( firmware version: Wireless adapter: [ASUS USB-N14]( driver version: League servers the packet loss has occured on: EUW and EUNE (others I did not try, but I expect it would be the same) Antivirus: built-in Windows Defender (keeping it off or on yielded no different results) Firewall: keeping it off or on yielded no different results The issue I have is packet loss. My router drops packets ONLY when I play League. I have tested this in various conditions, and the only common factor is playing League. Here is what pinging my router looks like while I play League: [LINK TO SCREENSHOT]( As you can see, I have huge spikes (over 1500 ms to a router that when I normally ping I get 1-2 ms or less) and a total of 3% packet loss. This was measured during a complete match, from start to finish. After the match everything works fine, but I suppose there is no need for me to post a screenshot of it. I have checked multiple times and I am 100% sure that this ONLY happens while playing League. In any other scenario the ping to the router is just fine, doesn't matter if I play any other game, watch youtube, twitch, browse the web, talk over discord/skype etc. Something I have noticed is that the packet loss/ping spikes tend to occur more often when there is more going on in the match (for example a teamfight). Did anyone have similar issues? How did you solve this? Thanks in advance to all responses!
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