LOL community - first impressions.

So hello guys I am new to the world of LOL and must say I have enjoyed it more than when I first tried it the first time around. I am an experienced mmo player (played since I was 16 from Lineage II to Aion). For me, personally, the most important thing which makes a game successful is its community. I am very sorry to arrive to the conclusion that the community at the moment seems so so immature and ready to throw insults. I mean, I get the whole flame I said, played some games in my life. And I know what you might say, if you don't like it don't play it...but I do like the game, it is very stimulating! Just wanted to share my experience with other new players and hopefully find out what their impression is of the game. Maybe it is because I am a girl and therefore I am prone to get offended easier, I have no idea how the community is split between sexes..or maybe because I am old?! I have no idea. For example, tonight I have played a few rounds of ARAM and, literally, every time there was someone calling others retarded or stupid out of nowhere. I got called a retard because it was my first time on a champ =O just, for me it is baffling . Would like to know if this sort of behaviour is normal and I am just crazy for having expectations ?! Anyway I hope other new players have had a better experience than me. Thanks for reading my 'rant' and happy gaming :) Alex

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