Please allow instant region switching again.

Hello, I have recently gotten the new client update but I have an Issue with it. So: with the OLD client I could instantly switch regions and keep the client and game in english, and it would never patch additional files, because it's the same game version and same language. It was possible by going to \Riot Games\League Of Legends\Config, then opening LeagueClientSettings.yaml, and changing the region from let's say "EUW" to "TR". This way when I opened the client it would be on TR and it wouldn't patch and it would be in english. BUT with the NEW client, this is sadly not possible anymore. on the new one, let's say i switch from EUW to TR. But since TR doesn't offer english language, it forces the client to be in turkish, this used to not be the case. So now it just patches here and there for small ammounts, and if there is an actual patch to the game, it patches 1.2GB every time. Can instant region switching please be re-introduced again? best would be if it was possible through the client as opposed to changing a string in a text editor. This is really important to me as I change regions a lot, and my internet is slow so If i have to download 1.2gb every patch JUST because of languages (turkish, russian) it's really hard for me as my internet is really slow. Also i can not play a lot anyway so I am patching a lot anyway :( since i dont play many games per patch
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