For anyone that was wondering why there were so many disconnects and couldn't load most webpages.

Noticed that suddenly (around 16:00 / 4pm CEST 2-7-2019) there were a lot of people that couldn't connect because of CloudFlare errors? Or noticed that 99% of all websites couldn't load with a 5xx error? The service CloudFlare (a network safety and speed protocol, if I understand that correctly) was down for 20-30 minutes or so. Any web application using this service (which is almost all) couldn't load since all network traffic goes through CloudFlare. Discord was down, most websites were down, league (for some people) was down (although I don't know why it didn't affect everyone). CloudFlare is used by a LOT of web services. Google (thus gmail, yt, etc.) don't use it and were able to run.

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