I Got Hacked And i Got Permaban from it.

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I was just playing some grinding some wins on this old acc and then the next day it says that i have been permanatly banned.I looked at my self and i said to my self did i really flame and no i knew i didnt caus i mute all everygame so i dont hear my teamates flaming me if i did something bad.So i had to post this here us there anyway that i can get my acc caus that yasuo jungle game with out jungle item that wasnt me if you want riot i have proof you can i have been playing with my friends ZacOnli thats his name on league of legendes,also DiabloDoom1 my ather friend that i play sometimes with him his name is Prototypeghoust,so i going to ask again can i some how get my acc back that whuld be very nice off you dont bulive me check the last 10 games of my match history and you will see that i havent flamed at all.Thank you for reading.
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