How friend got Banned Without warning

So for short my friend got banned for explaing something in public chat ingame cuz somebody asked if he could translate it he did so and apprently explained cursed word in that country or more accurate religion curse word and what use it got in grammar/spelling less then 3 mins after the game he apprently got 20 DAY BAN WITHOUT WARNING OR ANYTHING he wasnt cursing at somebody in lobby he just explained the curse word what agaain dont get me wrong he shouldt have done in public chat BUT so far i know there is no report option that even gets close /reportable offends granted i still think he desserve a ban for 7 days but 20 for Something that isnt even in list of REPORTABLE? serious riot get u things together and after he sended support tickets Riot employers in qeastion apprently acted like they couldt understand english and what they could understand was curse word and ansered back random crap So by this Logic can u lower the ban atleast till 7 days that is more then reasonable for Something U GUYS didnt made report button for so its UNFAIR REPORT His Gametag Sugna Letale on Euw ( sorry about my grammar/english) he also explained it like 5 times in support tickets and even apologized but Riot Employers couldt care moment i report somebody for cursing teamates i get lame stuff mute him and he dont get banned if they do it once but when somebody explain how to use curse word? he get banned seams little Unfair dont u think so Riot? Edit1: i checked into the matter and Riot Employer sayed Turn Chat Filter on the Fact it didnt Cencor the bad word means u guys didnt Put it in CHat Filter what proves it isnt curse word in u guys eyes so he COULDT BE REPORTED FAIRLY cuz if it was so called hate speach Report it would be filterd cuz he plays the game with filter on but it didnt soooo that means it isnt hate speach and he couldt get reported Fairly if we play by your rulez soo unless u guys add it too the filter and ban stays he should be atleast banned for less time then 70-80% off hole month for his 1 offends and cuz 1 time somebody get banned for that word and u guys change the rules on the spot
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