My short experience with this game

So I am a new player I made this acc a while back but i have decided to try this game completly.So far my only experience with online games has been a bit of dota and battlefield heroes.Today i came back to play this with a help of a friend, meaning he stood next to me and explained a few things like what to do and what to buy. So after a bit of learning in bots i proceeded to go into so called normals and i was shocked.I think i was the only new player there and everybody else was i guess the term is smurfing.Whishing me cancer, to be dead to report me simply because i am a new player and clearly i dont know how to play like someone who played before...I am really shocked that people act like this simply because i am a new player, i kinda like the game but i am wondering if i should continue to play it.Will it be even worse then whishing cancer to my enitre family?Does it get better as i might advance in the future?Or should i just quit now? Edit: Thanks to all for such postitive comments, well today will be day 2 of me playing so i will see what happens and i will try to use that mute button, once again i really am thankful to see that there is a part of this community that isnt from what i encountered yesterday :)
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