FPS drop

​Ok i have this since 9.1. First it was in 15 minute of every match fps drop to 0 for about half minute. Now in 9.2 it is in 6-9 minute and the freeze lasts for about a minute, sometimes happens 2 or more times before 10 minute. And just couple minutes ago i played ranked and it kicked me in about 5 or 6 minute of the match and when i restarted League I had lags till the rest of the game(56ms btw still lagging). I reported this bug earlier on other account and recieved no help(i don't count help like "reinstall patch or client" or "reinstall drivers" because it is obvious that the problem is from you(since 9.1 - check forums how many people have this issues from that patch), I feel like you don't care about your players at all. If this game is not an addiction to many of us I am sure we would quit it because of what the game is right now. So maybe you will do something about the crashes and fps drop so we can all play normally. I will ctrl+c ctrl+v this post to forums so maybe you will eventually do something about it.
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