an update on the "minimized window" issue

PLEASE CAN A RED HELP ME? So, i already wrote a thread here and i thought i had solved it today by reinstalling the game from scratch since i already tried using CCleaner, checking my graphic drivers and using the full repair but nothing helped. basically the games works fine until it randomly cuts to desktop like if someone clicked the "minimize" button on the top right of the window, except i play in full screen so there is no way i'm even pressing it by mistake. I also tried other games, like overwatch and the witcher 3 (both of them run with high specs or higher) and they had no problem whatsoever. Only league does that and at seemingly random moments but only ONCE per game. I thought i fixed it by reinstalling because doing two coop matches i had no issue but in my last game i was forced back to my desktop while i was clearing the red buff camp. the weird thing is, no other program is being opened and there is no crash, only a forced desktop :\ am i the only one experiencing this?
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