Anyone else tired of Normal matchmaking?

Im fed up at this point, i play normals to have fun. But as a Silver player im not geared to go against Plats and Masters in my normals, lets be real here. People get to a high rank for a reason, they have knowledge of the game that some other people dont, and thats why they are there. This happens on a regular basis.. Why isnt there a bronze-silver-gold bracket, and then plat, diamond master bracket (and challenger) atleast that would make it fair. Tell me how my team can have 1 plat, rest was silver and unranked. And they were all plats, and 1 master. How have they not made a fitting normal mmr yet? Why do i have to play rankeds in order to get fair games, and why cant i just chill in a normal game with equal players? Its called Normal, not hardmode. {{sticker:zombie-nunu-tears}} Ps: Just because people in plat/masters are not playing their normal roles, does not mean that theyre on a silver level with other champs, they still have the knowledge of the game as a Master/Diamond/Plat player. So please dont gimme that copy pasta again. PPS: this was on my main level 30 account, not this one :)
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