Can/should we expect some kind of compensation?

I know I know, we never ever had any compensation before BUT after more than 6 years of playing this game i've never seen such a sh$t storm of server issues... Just because this is a f2p mmo doesn't mean we should let the customer service shit on us. We're the reason their company made it this far (I mean the players as a whole). I'm not the kind of guy who'd just wait for riot to f$ck up to ask for compensation, I'm a grown man who can pay for skins if I want to so I don't really need that compensation but to me it's just a manner of respect, a way for RIOT to show that they understand our "value". I don't care what kind of compensation. It can be ward skin or an icon I don't care. Even an apology might do it. **_Just put some fcking effort into keeping your customers pleased_**
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