Dear Eambo...

Ever since Nexus Blitz was introduced, my account got stuck with cleanse + exhaust, on EVERY SINGLE GAME MODE. We're talking about early September 2018 here. Three whole months. What is better, in custom games, it gives me an error, and I need aprox 30-40seconds of CONSTANT trying, in order to change ONE of the spells. Same thing applies to second one. Be it SR normal/ranked/draft/botgame/practice tool/ ARAM, no matter the mode, I have cleanse exhaust. On my smurf account, at first, I had the same options, but received no error message, and was able to change the cleanse exhaust immediately. I have tried this from a different PC, different location, different OS, different planet - you name it - same shit happened. I have tried: * deleting the Config folder. * force repatching * running hextech repair tool * full reinstall * brute forcing the spells through 17 error messages until they finally sticked I have also tried this from a different PC, different location, different OS, different planet - you name it - same shit happened. In the end, after a client close + reopen, I have the same cleanse exhaust combo, and when trying to change them I get the > There was an error setting your summoner spells. Please try again later The conclusion I got to, is : my account's server-sided config is f#$ked up, someone needs to reset it from "up there". I can't reset it on my own, from any client sided config. After deleting any stored options from my computer, the client downloads the WRONG config file ONLY WHEN IT COMES TO MY MAIN ACCOUNT , and fails to let me change the spells, at first try. I'm running mac OS Mojave Version 10.14.2 From a Macbook Pro Retina 13" mid 2014 This negatively impacts my whole gameplay experience. It's f#$ked up, that's what it is. Like one and a half months ago, you told me it was a deeper bug, and that it's not that easy to fix. I get it. Still. There's so much content, and new shit coming out, is this not important ? Am I, as a customer, not important ? I'm seriously sick and tired of this bug, and after spending a small fortune on the game, and playing it for 8 years on a daily basis, this whole bug situation leaves me with quite a bitter taste.... I always tried to appreciate Riot, for what they do, never jumped on the "rito blame" bandwagon, but this time - I'm disappointed. Extremely disappointed. Yours truly, A summoner that got fed up. {{sticker:darius-angry}}

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