Hey everyone, From the title you probably know why I'm here, I recently bought a gaming laptop for £900 so I can play league and other games with my friends. When I first opened league and played I was getting 100+ fps which was great but then something strange happened and my screen randomly went black in the middle of a game and I couldn't move but I could still here everything. Anyways I sorted that by turning my laptop on and off again, then I went to my Nvidia control panel and changed the "Auto-Select" graphics card to my 4GB GTX 1050Ti and since then my fps has been stuck at 60 and won't go any higher! Now 60fps is great but the input lag makes me feel like I'm constantly playing with 100ping from the usual 20 i'm used too so it's affecting my plays in teamfights and stuff. I've turned off V-Sync in the game, on my Nvidia control panel, turned off the battery boost in GeForce Experience and taken off any sort of caps that I can see but it's still stuck at 60fps. I read somewhere that the Windows 10 Update can do it too but I haven't been able to figure out what I'm supposed to do with that information. Is there anybody from Riot Support or the community that can help me with this problem? Thanks a bunch!
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