ADC left my game and the support trolled in a ranked match, can i be reimbursed for the loss of LP?

Our Caitlyn ADC was disconnecting (I don't know if she was intentionally doing it or was genuinely disconnecting) and ended up making the Lucian fed and have lots of farm. The Veigar support was struggling way too much and ultimately their entire team got fed because every engage there lucian and leona would be there and be able to tower dive anyone, so all their team was fed by the time we could surrender. Can I be reimbursed for this loss, as it is incredibly frustrating having no control over the game and then losing out because someone else was disconnecting, this is a team game and when one of your team isnt there, the chances of you winning instantly drop to almost impossible. Does anyone know how I'd go about this? I know people are also going to go on my account and moan that I'm in bronze, but please this is really tilting.
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