Ingame inaccessible, but login works.

Hi there ! I have some real problems since a few days, after the windows10 update this past weekend. My LoL menu is launching, I have access to everything in (classic stuff: friends, collection, loot etc etc), but when I launch a game, or even when I want to spectate one, the "League Of Legends (TM) Client" opens in Windows taskbar but isn't responding, isn't launching and I can't even make it work anew. I tried everything : updating drivers, uninstalling/reinstalling League, look for corruption a couple times, I uninstalled some programs linked to GPU because I thought firstly it could be a graphical issue (suspecting DirectX, but didn't prove it to myself after a few days of testing...), looked for other games in my pc to see/know if it's an isolated problem.. Sadly, I didn't create a restore point before the Windows10 update, but I think it can be corrected without this. the results is, that I'm stuck in this situation, and I looked into some forums for 2 days now and didn't find the same problem currently. So, I might need some help to resolve this riddle :/ From what information shall we start? pc specs, Logs? Tell me what you could know to help me ^^' have a nice day !
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