Disconnects / Paket loss

Since last patch I started experiencing mini disconnects throughout my games, wether it was ranked, normal or coop. These disconnects usually only affect me in the game. My champion completely freezes or moves toward the last destination I ordered him to go to. While this is happening the rest of the game seems to go by just fine, I can see teammates and enemies walking, last hitting, using abilities or attacking, just my commands don't seem to get through to the server. Sometimes the "Attempting to recconect..." text pops up shortly but vanishes after about 1-2 secs because that's about how long these disconnects last. They come at completely random intervalls and make playing this game really frustrating. I read a few threads that discussed similar problems and im gussing paket loss is the issue here. I attached an image of the paket tracer pingplotter, maybe somebody has a suggestion on what to do. Also on a side note, other programs/online games don't lag out or dc, it is definitely just league.
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