Banned for saying nothing?

I got perm banned for saying muted, there was a thresh flaming me the whole game, and i was saying muted and reported for flaming. Now i got perm banned for saying that? wtf is this game lol. I want my unban or all my money back that i payed in this game. Name = IDárkness Game 1 In-Game iDárkness: im gonna mute you now iDárkness: report thresh flame since champ select iDárkness: thresh is trolling btw iDárkness: gj iDárkness: awh are you flaming too? iDárkness: you are also muted now iDárkness: and reported iDárkness: can you report thresh pls? iDárkness: can you report this thresh? iDárkness: ? iDárkness: wp iDárkness: bg report thresh and shyv flame Post-Game iDárkness: Flaming team op xd
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