Placement Matches Decent Logic:

Well I got placed B2 after ending the pre-season S4/S3 (ranked aniexity), I went 6-4 This logic is stupid, everyone knows it, even Riot knows people are salty about this kind of #### Here is a decent logic: I was silver 3, you match me with silver - gold players, I'm supposed to have a 50% win rate right? They are players on the same level as me (both teams have the same skill level) I had a 60% win rate here, but you demoted me, why? We are supposed to have the same chances of winning, and I am better to my team at mid silver level, so why place me at bronze 2? I proved myself once again that I was worth more then silver 3/4 (not saying I deserve more, just that I should stay there) Also I got pretty good scores, only going below avearge on two games 1W/1L, carried 4 out of the 6 games I won and went 17-3 on a loss with Lucian. Want to tell me if this logic makes sense? In the mathematical way it does, you would get demoted if you were bad (example: a platinum team can't carry a 0-7 tubarao312 who can't play from behind and ruins everything)
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