In game latency spikes

I had an experience today I thought I would share in the hope maybe someone can shed light on. Firstly lets me give you an idea of the situation: Internet is decent, not great but decent. Never drop connection from Internet or show any problems based on Runs at a steady 13mb dl with 60odd ping. Now this is the strange thing. I lost a game through repetitive lag spikes. We are talking 2000ms+ that causes the attempting to reconnect come up. Spikes last about 1 min each time. Could not work out why, net seemed fine Second game was the same. Then I noticed a pattern. This is where I get confused. When I got fed up of waiting for the reconnect, I pick up my phone. Start browsing 9gag, bingo lags gone. I put my phone down, it goes dark then goes standby, boom lag comes back. Third game I turned my phone off and bingo, no lag. What the hell is my phone doing during its standby mode that requires little to no bandwidth, according to speedtest and yet totally destroys my LoL connection? Anyone else experiences this?
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