Remember that Telekom ISP random disconnect bug earlier this year that was "FIXED"

Well It ain't fixed completely We indeed don't disconnect anymore But our ping is through the roof I am talking about constant +10 to 20 ping compared to what it should be (60 for me) A Rioter helped us get the issue addressed to "Hrvatski Telekom" Before that the situation was like: Players: Riot's fault Riot: Not ours but in fact your ISP, but we will see what we can do from our side Players: It's ISP's fault ISP: It's Riots fault Until Riot stepped in and explained the situation They "fixed" it like a day after but Now we suffer from above-mentioned latency issues Can this issue be resolved in any way? PS: I did try to restart my router and contact the ISP to make sure that it is not a problem from my end

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