[Known Issues and FAQ's] Preseason and End of Season

It’s that time of the year again. The 2017 Season is ending and Preseason begins. If you have been with us through an end of season before, you will know that there are a lot of moving parts. And it means that sometimes things go wrong. This thread is to keep you updated on issues we are aware of and issues we have resolved. We also have an FAQ section for some of the most common questions. > **Known Issues** *** * **Transfers are still down at the moment. We don't currently have an exact date and time for when they will come back but we're trying to fix them as fast as we can. ** *** * The runes editing window closes when the last player has locked in their champion (“loadout stage”), resulting in a lot of confusion and unfinished pages. Then the dropdown shows/selects the wrong page. Also known as “the annoying AF champ select bug”. * Settings for runes are not saving between pages or log out (long description checkbox and grid mode). * Renaming rune pages sometimes bugs out. This bug may make it look like your page isn’t saving - but it’s usually only the name. * Tooltips are broken or incorrect in different languages. * We've discovered a bug where upon getting enough gold, Kayn will at times not be able to upgrade his jungle item unless he either transforms, or exchanges it for a different jungle item and upgrades from there. * An issue that caused players to randomly lose Blue Essence from opening Orbs was discovered. We have a method to identify accounts effected and will be running a script to fix. * We're aware of an issue where gift messages aren't hitting your client. You can check your gifting history in the store by clicking the account icon (the little person with a gear behind them), selecting Purchase History, and then Gifting History. --- There are currently no game breaking bugs that we know of right now (game crashes, one shot PBE Nunu etc.). We’ll be monitoring and fixing these ones as they're discovered. --- > **Resolved Issues** * The Error 003 Issue has been resolved * We’ve wrapped up all Ranked and Honor reward grants for the 2017 season. If you didn't receive them [submit a ticket](http://support.riotgames.com) and we'll take a look. * Some Players could not see missions. * Some Players were not able to access Rune pages. * Slow loading times between changing Icons and Runes * Sometimes the runes panel crashes in champion select and you're left unable to edit your rune page. The window will either show up black or not show up at all. (It usually has a red square around it) * The Mystery Champion Shard is now back in the shop under the Champions Tab --- **Please note this is not a comprehensive list, just wanted to hit the big ones here. Special shout out to our early bird players for helping us catch all of these! --- > **FAQ** **Q: I should have received additional Blue Essence related to runes and rune pages but I have not received it?** A: In order to receive all your Blue Essence, you need to complete the mission Rune Collector. Once you have completed this mission, you need to claim your reward from the loot tab. **Q: I placed in Gold but the insignia on my profile is for Silver, Why?** A: 2017 End of Season Rewards have not been rolled out yet. The insignia on your account will be from your previous Season Ranking. **Q: I cannot see the "First Win of the Day" mission, is this a bug?** A: That mission is enabled after your account reach level 15. **Q: Why did my previous border disappeared?** A: This is normal, don't worry. It was removed by us in order to be replaced by the new border for this season once the rewards will hit your account.
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