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So I'm a pretty toxic player sometimes, and I admit it. After having a 75 game chat restriction, I decided that Im gonna be nice now and always stay calm. After the restriction ended, I went in another game and was all calm and good. When that game ended, I got another restriction. This time I got the 75 game chat restriction again, AND a 35 Draft Games thing till I can play ranked, and obviously no one plays Draft pick. I really dont know what caused me to get another ban so shortly afterwards, and this time preventing me from getting out of bronze if I tried to get better. And in my opinion, the chat restriction system is stupid. Decide, dont let me talk for a few games AT ALL (Not 75 though, thats a crap ton of games), or let me talk freely but solve my behavior in a different way. And I dont get why did I randomly get banned from playing ranked, I mean, I barely even play it. I think this system needs a change, fast. Since right now, its just ruining my game experience and annoying me. I prefer not being able to talk at all than having a message every 5 minutes. Giving me 10 messages a game doesnt prevent me being toxic, I prevent myself from being toxic. I think it should be made that every time you say anything that counts as rude/unappropriate in chat, you shouldnt be able to talk at all for 5 minutes. Seems fair, doesnt it?
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