Client/in-game problems in Romania info+winmtr

So i've had the typical problems that others inside/near Bulgaria had. I'm from Romania which is just north of Bulgaria. Here's the required information, since i have both eune and euw accounts, i will provide information for both regions. Side note: i've had different problems at the same time of the day on those region, i.e while no friends list may have be shown on eune and i wouldn't be able to even create a lobby, in euw i just wouldn't be able to join champion select, or other different problems. Since i've had both client and in-game problems, i'll provide information for both. I've made a ticket before, and provided some info, though i haven't run it for enough packets and i haven't provided info for client hosts as i wasn't asked to. Region: I mostly play on EUNE but i also play on EUW often. Country and ISP: Romania, Ping: Usually between 34 and 59 ms, mostly in the middle My issue began just when it began for everyone else, ~1 week ago. It's not all day, but neither during certain times, sometimes i manage to connect and enter a game, but have problems in game, sometimes i have games with no problems, sometimes login takes too long, sometimes i can't join champion select or create/browse a custom game lobby, and rarely my friends list would be empty. Some days it's all day, some days it's sometimes. WinMTR: Hope i helped.
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