Stop giving noobs

Riot, Im 100% sure you CANT denie that when someone gets near promos, you give GIGANTIC noobs to someone to make sure they dont get their fuckin promos if they dont go tryhard. ITS A FUCKIN FACT! So STOP THIS FUCKERY, BECAUSE I JUST WANT THAT VICTORIOUS SKIN! I play healthy champs, I try my best to carry a team, but because I main Orianna I have to play like a fuckin Diamond -200 to carry these fucks. EVERY team that I get at +80 LP is WORTHLESS! Sometimes, and then I mean about 5 out of 100 games I mess up in laning phase and it causes that much damage that we lose, but all those other games I play safe in laning phase if I lose and if I win I go to roam! But bot always feeds the fuckin enemy adc and then we lose because nobody can stop him because NOBODY IN THIS STUPID ELO knows what targetting means! So TAKE THIS STUPID MECHANIC OUT AND START THINKING OF A MECHANIC WHERE PEOPLE WHO DESERVE IT GET THEIR ELO AND CAN RISE IN ELO IF THEY TRY HARD ENOUGH WITH THEIR FAVORITE CHAMP INSTEAD OF THEIR NOOB CHAMP!
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