State of the League of Legends Programm Base

I've seen many complaines about bugs and glitches in LoL. Actually one of my last games startet lagging, everyone DCd and the Game was never found again. Not to reconnect and not to be found in my matchhistory. There are numerous new Bugs with each new Champion, for exemple invisible Nunu, and bugs which date years back, like the knock up bug. Champions had so much individual Bugs, that there are Books about them, looking at you Mordekaiser, and many bugs were found with all the interaction of new gamemechanics like Trinkets, Runes, and the new Shop functions. A few years back, Riot redessignet there main map, Summenors Rift. But it feels more and more just like a visual update to me. Many old unintendet interactions portet to the new map. layers and layers of Spaghetticode tried to fix this numerous problems, but in many cases, this wasn't possible to the full extend. Now i ask myself, if Riot couldnt do Better, if they started from scratch. I'm no Programmer, but with so many new Features introduced to the game, while still using an old base for all of this seams to me like the source of many bugs today. Wouldnt it be possible, which all the knowledge we have today, all the Champions, abilities, Items, Runes, interactions and features, to create a more stable and less bugged game as it is today? It seams to me many interactions and abilities could be much more generalised and made easier to implement with a new engine, specificly designed for the Game today and more simplyfied for the game to come. I dont know the state of the Game today, and how much or if it could even be improved. But i feel with the experience of so many bugs, espacialy with each release of a new ability, champion or item, that League could do better than today. What are your thoughts? Does someone know more about gamedesign and programming to make a improved statement? and Which bugs did you encounter in your games?
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