The Best System in the world

THE BEST SYSTEM IN THE ENTIRE WORLD. Leave the selection room to avoid a stupid game because you got complete d1ckheads in your team, instalocking, flaming already in selection room and YOU have to wait 5-10 min. so you can play ? :DDD Wow Americans are real stupid. Stupid democratic sh*ts. Let the bad guys be and the good ones are being punished. 2 Instalocked toplaners, 1 troll adc, 3 of them are complete idiots and when you leave the selection room ?? You are punished... BRAVO. All I can do about League of Legends is just complain how stupid everything is. Even the game is making me mad. Sh*t champions like {{champion:11}} {{champion:90}} {{champion:39}} {{champion:105}} should be deleted or reworked atleast. Master Yi is chasing you ??? You can't do sh*t ... and why ? If you flash, he teleports. If you stop and throw some CC spell, he teleports. If you try to kill him you are done BECAUSE OF THAT STUPID BURST 1V1 BULLSHIT TONS OF DAMAGE CRAP IN 1 SECOND. Irelia with 0/9 can still go back in game ... why ? because it's fcking op tank/damage/burst sh*t with stun. Fizz ? :DDD This champ should just be deleted how stupid it is. One of the easiest champions in the game, what ever I pick I still get crushed, there were games I was winning mid against Fizz like 4/0 or something like that and STILL HE CAME BACK IN THE GAME ... Why? Because it's a fcking FLYING FISH THAT IS UNKILLABLE. The E cooldown is sooo short, the fcking ASSASSIN THING IS BULLSHIT. The ultimate is broken as hell, the DPS is so bullshit. COMPLETE BULLSHIT. How can somehow from 0/4 come back so rapidly it's taking a pentakills ? Malzahar 1v1 IS IMPOSSIBLE. Malzahar with 10 hp under turret. YOU HAVE BEEN SLAIN. PRESS FCKING R champion. Atleast mazlahar will be reworked. RITO BULLSHIT
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