Recent Ping/lag/in-game freeze issues

Hello, I've been having an issue recently for about a week or more, every time I load a game the ping is normal until the loading starts reaching 90% +, it rapidly starts increasing to about double the digits. when the game actually starts, you can move around without noticing the lag much. However, as soon as the minions spawn, the problem really starts being noticed. minions just freeze where they are, champions movements are random, and usually i get "attempting to reconnect" then in less than a minute it is connected again, but everything is frozen and i cant control my champ. This happens EVERY game ... i tried restarting the client, same thing happens, starts loading with a perfect ping then at 90% it goes way up, and loads with a freeze. Resetting modem sometimes work but this isn't a solution so that every game i have to waste 5-8 minutes in start to keep resetting stuff. Any suggestions or helpful answers would be appreciated. Thank you.
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