Massive client lags

I am starting to get real client issues. It started some weeks ago, and it is getting worse and worse. I had no trouble before. Those kind of problems only occurs on the client; as soon as i get in game everything is back to normal. Here is the list of all that happenned to me so far : - Match found popup didn't show off, then client told me I didn't accept the match - In champ select, unable to pick a champion (to ban, or to play) - Again in champ select, client freeze for 5 to 10 seconds (CPU not overloaded, i checked) - Does not load champions selected from people before me, up to a minute of delay (I can still chat tho. And if it was my turn to pick a champion, I get kicked as if I "left during the champ select") - Unable to select/change spells and runes - In aram champ select, reroll takes 10 to 20 seconds to show off what champ i rerolled into - Game takes up to 5 minutes to load, getting me stuck with the champ select screen. (happened only in aram so far, making me joining up to 2 minutes after the beginning of the game. I suspect it could happen in normal game to) [An example of what i am experiencing]( I tried everything i could think of : hextech repair tool, full repair from client, reinstalling the game. Nothing solved the issue. Is there another solution that I didn't try yet that could solve the problem ?
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