[PVP.net] Patcher Kernel has stopped working / can't use the launcher

Hi there, I'm writting a Post one more time trying to get visibility on this problem because is stopping me from playing. First of all I never had this problem before and I was able to normally play the game until the Wednesday 18/5. Here is the error I'm having. http://i.imgur.com/fKM2LQX.png[/img] So what I have done until now to try to solve this? I went to Riot's Support page and tried every single solution they proposed (Deactive UAC, Try withour firewall or antivirus, change dns, install .net Framework again, run as admin, etc...) and as u might imagine nothing worked. Try to reinstall the game, and ofc I can't because the error stops me from getting to the patcher. After much effort I decided to Format my PC and install a Fresh Windows, because maybe the trouble was on the OS and still got the same. I already sended a Ticket to Riot Support, and they answered me today at 21:13 UST (GMT+2) telling me that they have a Technical Support Team on it and to not bump the ticket or it will take longer. So now I'm just waiting for their feedback (hopefully tomorrow). TL;DR I got this _PVP.net Patcher Kernel has stopped working _ error every time I wan't to open the launcher and can't do anything about it. Does someone on the boards has (or had) the same problem? As of now it is impossible for me to play League and it doesn't look like it will get better. Thank you for reading the Post, and please, If you can share some information about this with me I will me super thankful. Cheers Fliegmaus
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