Screen freezes ingame for 3-10 seconds

My screen freezes for around 3-10 seconds at random points in the game EVERY GAME. It has caused me much frustration in ranked and I feel as if im handicapped. Does anyone by any chance know why this is happening? I did a "can you run it" analysis on my computer and i have all the minimum requirements for the game and i have all the recommended except RAM (4 GB is recommended and I have 4GB but only 3GB is usable). I have windows fully updated, I kill all unnecessary programs and processes when i play, I have 60GB free on C disk(max 97GB) and 202GB free on my D disk(max 368GB), i run CC cleaner regularly, I play the game on the lowest settings, I do system defrag every week, I did everything that was said in this video: , I cleaned the pc physically(of dust) and yet it still keeps happening EVERY SINGLE GAME. You can just imagine what it would be like playing ranked and having your screen freeze for 10 seconds , it's devestating. I don't know what more to do, I have tried every solution i found online. Could someone pls tell me what is causing this and how do I fix it? EDIT: I just tried completely reinstalling league(full file and registry uninstallation) and nothing changed, they happen at the same frequency for the same duration regardless of everything I did (everything i did so far did make my fps better and my comp faster but the freezes remain unchanged)
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