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getting tired of this new season already,start playing this january and League of legends feels like a LOL clone moba like strife, then add the dynamic champ select. getting over the deletion of poppy and shen is onething. (they hav dopple gangers now but thy aint shen ansd poppy) then in comes the dynamic selection, in an ideal world the selection process would work if its a 10 player streetfighter game. but with counters and team comps, there's alot to consider. i guess my issue is the pre selection b4 bans, this stagnates the team, and blinds players into possible counter picks, last season counter picking was apart of every ranked game, and alot of the time counter picks won the games, this season ive not seen no one counter pick by anyone but myself, and before you say, this isnt a lets blow my own trumpet, im well aware of my skill level (or lack of). But am voicing my concern, games are stale and stagnet because of the dynamic selection process's pre selection, Secondly, primary role and secondary role were clearly only placed in the dynamic selection to rage us . this again goes to the counter picking, i play all roles certain champs im good with certain champs im bad with,in the old no dynamic ranked games if i see an enemy first/second pick a champ i know i can counter with my champion repetoir i will pick the respective counter. with the new dynamic system , this can still be done, but with a huge amount of flaming, swearing and threats to report me , because if i selected fill as primary, and im second pick after the enemy first pick, enemy picks fizz, now i selected the fill role but its given me support (no suprise there) i select kayle and lock shouting mid. i get reported under the new dynamic system. in the old system with no pre role selections this would be an easy win no one woul flame and report (much), people in my team would select around my first choice. instead i dont counter pick fizz and im a good boy i select a support, and the player who selected primary roles selects his preselected champ which happens to be "insert a champion that gets butt rumped by fizz" there are no easy fixes atm, the stale selection process and greedy players who dont know how to counterpick will always countinue but the dynamic selection process only enables these sort of players further while actually restricting the players that like multiple roles and quick on the fly counter picks.
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