Custom Game v2.0

Welcome to a Custom game update suggestion. So we all know, that the custom games are not living up to its name. Deciding what teams there should be is not "Custom". So this is why I came up with this idea I am about to share with you. Introducing Custom Games v2.0! This is an updated version of "Custom" games. So to share my ideas on how Custom Games v2.0 could be we have to start with what we already have. Current Features: - Choose Teams - Choose between 4 diffrent awesome maps (Could be 5... idk) - Make/join lobby and set password - Add bots to a side (only available on 3 maps) - Choose Team size Now that's not a lot! With Custom Games v2.0 we have a bunch new features, both making practicing and playing around x100 more fun. New Features: - Gold (Starting and Add as you go) //So you can start with a more complete build - Disable Items //Maybe for a 1v1 or something :D - Disable Champions (add more bans to Draft) //Adding more bans could be nice - Baron/Dragon spawning timers and time. - CDR (URF mode on/off) //To make practicing and playing around better - Custom Buffs (much like the Awesome Buff of Awesomly Awesome buffing) - Team size upto 6 or even more :D //Explains itself - Bots on Howling Abyss (for the epic 1v5 pentakills) - Turret Damage Amplifer //Testing stuff or making your own game modes - Possibly Even Make Custom Items (with some effects you can choose from such as ludens echo, bork, stattik shiv or cinderhulk etc) //This is only for fun - Adding Blind Draft as a pick option - Spectator in Real Time //Not a requirement but would be nice for tournaments etc - Having a drop down list that decides what lane the enemy bot is going on (instead of having to organize them with 1st bot top, seconds and fourth bot etc) //Just a simple thing - Adding lost Items and Spells (DFG and Revive etc) //Playing around with old items - CHOOSING HUD (Which btw should be in normals/rankeds too) This is the list that I could come up with, oviously this is only 1/100 of all the things that could be made. Please add a comment about something special you want added on the list and I will add it in. Riot once qouted "The Custom Game community is too small too add this", but with this update. Custom games will be a popular place. Making a place for Item creation, modes and Small Mini-Games. Hope you liked my idea :D Please upvote so Riot can see this. Any suggestions please type below. TD;LR (if that's how it is written) Custom games have for long been very bad and have to be improved in diffrent ways
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