ARENA Mode - Why It Has Become Essential & How To Do It?

(Here is an idea I first posted on NA boards. I would like EU players to also give their impressions so here it is.) Dear Riot Games team and community, **TL;DR: Create an Arena mode where players basically just have to pick a champion and eliminate the enemy team to win. Another important point is to make new potential players immediately have fun while still having challenge for competitive players.** I'm a Game Designer student at the ENJMIN and a LoL fan. I would like to share my vision of an Arena mode with LoL champions and why I think this game mode is essential. First of all, I don't doubt that Riot has already worked on it (or is currently), but if my vision can help, convince or give ideas, I would be glad about it. **1) Why an Arena Mode?** **2) How to do it?** **3) Other great advantages of this Arena mode.** **1) Why an Arena Mode?** The need comes mainly from what I think are 2 Major Problems in LoL: **a) LoL has become too complicated and huge for new players to have fun when beginning and to persevere.** For instance, I just can't get friends to play the game with me, even if they wanted to at the beginning. There are a lot of things to know that are more or less important but almost all necessary at the same time: the champions and their skills, the gameplay, the map, the summoner spells, the masteries, the runes, tons of items, the metagame, the builds, the jungle and buffs, skill orders, counters... And on top of all that, the game is often updated, all these parameters change (which is good) but it's a problem for more occasional players. **b) For a lot of players, games are too long.** It's a good thing for what LoL is now, but there should be some game modes that are really short. 3v3s, Arams and Dominions are shorter, but not enough in my opinion. There is room for a short game mode. It would satisfy everyone because some players don't always have for sure at least 20 minutes for a game and the others who have enough time would sometimes want to play more games in the same amount of time. **Besides these problems, there is a need for fights based on pure skill.** Just think about fighting games (Super Smash Bros, Street Fighter...) and all the people that enjoy this kind of games and competition. I think there is room for a top down fighting game with the LoL champions. **In the end, the intentions for this Arena mode are: - Really easy to understand and have fun for new players - Very short games - Challenge that is focused on pure skill for advanced players (and keep this e-sport spirit)** The Arena mode should be complementary and should not replace or compete with LoL. Thus, it mainly targets new players who either can't play LoL as they would like to or don't like the challenge that LoL offers. **2) How to do it?** I will describe here some design choices that I personally think are relevant for this Arena mode. It's a vision that I have now and we can debate about it. I will also try to justify every design decision based on the intentions above. However, some issues appear and some choices are more difficult to make. Here is the non exhaustive list: - No respawn: the game ends when all players in a team are dead. That makes games shorter and more interesting for skilled players. - No XP/levels/gold/minions: the interest here is not to slowly take the advantage over your opponent. Moreover the game needs to stay easy to understand and to focus on skilled fights. This implies that there is no skill to upgrade. The champions are like fighting game characters, ready to fight at their best. - No towers: the goal is to kill the enemy team, not to destroy towers. No one would take the risk to fight under an enemy tower. - No runes, masteries or items: or at least not all that and not like that. The game must stay easy to play. However, in order to add diversity and counter plays, we can imagine 2 "configurations" or more for each champion. These "configurations" are specific to a champion and modify its stats. - New map: it may sound obvious but with a different objective, no towers, no minions and shorter games, the map needs to be smaller and designed for fights. - Balance and rework or ban some champions: again, with a different objective, no minions and no towers some champions become less interesting (like Azir, Nasus, Karthus..). - The same controls that are used in LoL: this is an important thing in LoL. LoL players are used to it and it is easy to play for beginners (for instance I find Bloodline Champions too complicated in comparison). **In the end, there are basically only raw champions (maybe with some "configurations"), a new map and the objective to kill the enemy team.** **3) Other great advantages of this Arena mode.** Here is another non exhaustive list for the benefits that come along with this particular Arena mode: - For old or bored LoL players: it is a new mode to try and play - Arena players (from MMORPGs for instance) can come try this game - It is basically a new game and could become more than just a LoL mode - A new e-sport competition for this mode is possible (but it can be in competition with LoL...) - It makes LoL more digestible for people who begin with this Arena mode - It is also an entry door in LoL for other kinds of players (even LoL haters maybe) - Less time for flaming if the games are shorter and more intense - 1v1 to 5v5 (or more?) become possible, interesting and also allow players to only play with their friends and avoid flamers - Players can play more games and see their progression faster - If the game is bad or not interesting, it doesn't last so long and players can play again in no time - No snowball possible with shorter games (this avoids "lame-duck situations": **I know that it is not perfect and complete but this can also lead to greater ideas in order to make LoL always more entertaining and interesting for every one, which is my first goal.** Thanks for taking the time to read, Have a nice day :)

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