Bring TeamBuilder Back!!! Can't play role I want anymore.

I waited 1 hour to finally play adc on bot but then someone left. In the next team rito choose to put me mid instead of bot. Yes I dodged games too just to have a chance at playing Jhin, first they banned him next someone picked first. In teambuilder I was willing to wait 30+ min to play a role that I WANT. Meanwhile I could do some productive stuff on my PC. Now I have to wait people to ban, or if they leave then start over the champ select all over again, it drops me to a role that I only choose because I had to. Like I choose bot as primary because I want to play adc now. Not support, not top, I want ADC!!! My only chance at playing the role I want with the champ I want is Blind Pick INSTALOCK. But who likes that? Even I feel ashamed doing it. Also there is a chance people trolling because of that. I play a lot support too, mid, jungle, even top. Now usually I have to wait 10min to get into a game (cause people dodge, forget to lock in etc) and it probably won't be the role I wanted. Complete waste of time. Either bring back Teambuilder and delete blind pick, or let the new champ select search for primary role a fixed minute. Like average_wait_time+2min. Or just 2 min. Or anything that respects the PRIMARY role. Because right now it doesn't respect it. Its like pick 2 role then rito will randomly pick one of them. I literally had a game where I picked supp as secondary and as soon as I clicked launch it found a game and where did it put me? Of course it was support. I played the game, we won but I didn't want that role. I wanted to wait for my primary role a bit more than 0.001sec.
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