Hi all summoners. i want to elaborate on some thoughts. Before, there used to be a snow version of Summoners rift. Why did riot stop using this map at "snowdown"? Are they afraid, that us (the players) will get mad at them switching to a snow version of the RIFT? Its ridiculous that Riot wont bring it back. Consider how few gamemodes, and how little that has been done for the wider perspective of the game. Its good how they try to perfect the one thing that works, Summoners rift, and many small changes has been made since the start (I was playing back then). But nothing really new has been added, i mean. Dominion? WTF While its a fun gamemode, its not too fun. I personally play it 0,01% of the time. I've met the key persons at Riot Games, and i would tell them in person any day of the week. Are you afraid of change Riot? Mark? It just seems that they want us to feel compassion for the little things they've done with the game. Its a fun thing, but really. Cmon, GIVE US A NEW 5x5 MAP! Its been so many years guys. Where the hell have you been? Painting textures on jungle wolfs? Its like they stay in this box, because they are so afraid of backfire. Still Riot has this amazing community working creatively for them. But its like a wall. Nothing ever happens. No idea seems to make it. As if their team is so much smarter then anyone in the community, and still. Were so alike. Thanks for reading, i'm more then open for discussion
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