Playing excessive VS Bots hinders your learning process ?

Greetings, Here's the thing, I'm an excessive VS Bots player who, when hits PvP would feed like hell and ruin people's game. Although I started playing League at the end of S3 as a casual player, I had lots of hiatus for multiple reasons. During this period, my brother used to take on my account so as to play Yasuo, explaining the winning streak on him. He himself sees me as a pretty bad playing so much he won't play with me anymore xD I'm not gonna lie, I know only playing more and doing extensive research and watching games will make me somehow improve. But that's not the topic and I'm not here to QQ because i'm bad. The question I'm asking is, was the excessive VS Bots playing the reason for almost no progress on my part ? Have you ever encountered cases like that? Are there VS Bots fanatics here as well? Playing again on a new account would be a better idea? I know if I did, I might be repeating the process and if not, I'd be matched with beginners in PvP, those I'd like not to bully because myself I know what it is to be the feeder and have no fun at all. Should I play Custom VS Bots 1V5 to learn without spoiling other games? I think when the social upgrade hits League, It'd be fun to start a VS Bots Club. TL;DR --> Playing since late S3, a VS Bots fanatic with lots of hiatus and very poor skills. Does VS Bots hinder skill progress? EDIT : Thanks a lot, Summoners. You rock. All your advise were very insightful. I know what I can or can't get from these games now. I tried to reply to most of the messages, if forgotten some, sorry.
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