A idea for the Champion select

Hello Community, i wanted to present u my idea which will hopefully improve the championselect. I often have the problem that i can’t find or decide which champion i want to play so I came up with the idea of an optional new list. This new list should contain categories that u personaly want and the champions u want in that categories. So basicly i wish myself an option, to create categories where i can assign the champions i want. For example i have the categorie Midlaner or Support, than i can assign the champions to the categories and if the championselect begin, i can choose between the normal list and this new list with the created categories and the assigned champions. The benefits i imagined where a list which is personally created, a better overview about the champions u personally like ( or dont like if u may create a hate list) and that this list is not forced to use because u can choose between the old and new list (its only a optional function which u can use or not use). I often heared that it gives a search funktion here u can type in something like support or fighter to can see the champions which fits into that categorie but i personaly think that there are so much champions, which can be played on different roles so that this search funktion doesn’t help as much as i expected. For example leona, she is categorized as tank but played as support. I really hope u like and support this idea and if not its ok, it is just an option which u can personaly decide to use or not, i want no one to be forced to use this function. I would appreciate that option being implemented into the game. Sorry for my bad English, it’s not my first langue :). I just addet a picture for u guys :) Lg Helfer ^-^
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