ARAM META: It's not just about randomness

Hi everyone, I am a fervent ARAM player ( a little more than 1600 games as of now ) and don't get to discuss the ARAM meta with other people because I'm the only one of my friends who plays this mode so much. Thus, the conversation is quite unidirectional. To all aram players ( and anyone ), let's discuss this awesome mode. I'm going to share what I've learned from this mode, feel free to ask any question or comment on anything. ___ #"ARAM is just about who gets the best team" I always hear this and everytime I reply : No, it's about what you can do with what you get. Of course randomness has an impact, if the enemy team gets Varus, Lux, Jayce, Velkoz and Alistar, you probably won't make it past 10 minutes. But this is only true to an extent. ARAM veterans know how to deal with a lot of matchups and most of all, they know how to build situational items. I would like to talk about the following points: #Gold I think people tend to forget how gold is important in League of Legends, and gold management is bit different than in Summoner's Rift. First, there's only one gold stream available for 5 players. I see way too many teams fighting over the minion wave, when there are several solutions to this problem. {{item:3098}} 850g This is one of the most OP starting item right now IMO, for any champion who has a poke ability. Pokers in the team should definitely start with this item, to free their share of the minion wave. I easily get more than 1,500 gold from this item with a Lux or Brand. This can also be good on different champions, like Varus, even AD. If you have a champion that relies on poke, I recommend you to try this item and let the minions to your teammates. {{item:3069}}{{item:3096}}{{item:3301}} {{item:3401}}{{item:3097}}{{item:3302}} I personally think the green set of items isn't that great in ARAM. The reason is that it forces you to go to the front to last hit, where you're going to be harassed by the enemy team. The yellow family gives more self regen, and heals and gives gold for each minion that dies near your, which means all of them. Taking the first yellow one is usually a very good second item option. The second one is really hard to amortize if you don't need the third tier item. Let's count 12 minions per minutes. ## Some numbers {{item:3303}}: 6x8 = up to 48g per minute {{item:3098}}: 6x15 + 12 = up to 102g per minute {{item:3301}}: 4x12 = steady 48g per minute (and 60hp) {{item:3096}}: 6x12 = steady 72g per minute (and 120hp) {{item:3302}}: 1x(~20) + 12 = up to ~32 per minute (ally heal: 80hp) {{item:3097}}: 2x(~20) + 12 = up to ~52 per minute (ally heal: 100hp) ## assists It's so easy to gain gold from assists in aram. If you are the tank of your team, {{item:3190}} is a really good defensive item because all your team will benefit from it, 100% of the time, and you're going to get an assist for each kill. ___ #Regeneration Regeneration is key in ARAM. A lot of team lose their composition advantage because they forget to think about this. You can't back. Teams who can't regen are doomed to slowly get poked behind their turrets are get engaged at low HP. That's why you will see a lot of people starting with {{item:3010}} , or 3x{{item:1055}} , or even {{item:3145}} . The first one is ridiculously strong. The only difficulty is to hit level 4, because the next levels are closer from each other. It's also worth mentioning that heals now spawn at 3:00 ( previously 3:10 ), and controlling your lane around this time is crucial. You want to push your lane so you can deny the heal to the enemy team. I can't talk about regen without talking about {{item:3083}} . It's currently so broken that the only reason it exists is that people don't realize how strong it is. You basically gain a free recall ( which doesn't exist in this mode ) when you haven't been hit for 10 seconds. This item is strong on every tanky-ish champion, especially the ones who engage. It's also strong on Soraka, as it gives you an unlimited healing power ( the health you lose doesn't stop the regeneration from the warmog). ___ #Situational Itemization ARAM is an awesome place to learn how items work. You will face so many different matchups, that you will soon realize how important it is to use situational builds. ___ #Pokes That's not news, pokes have always been really strong in ARAM. I would like to remind the people reading this that this item, {{item:3112}}, has been especially designed to help you resist the enemy team's pokes. Sadly, it won't help much against {{champion:110}} or {{champion:126}} who are excellent pokers in ARAM (especially the first one). I see a lot of people building a {{item:3102}} when they should build {{item:3112}}. (I personally think the item should give less MR in order to lower the cost. ~2000). You usually want to build this item early on, so you won't feed the enemy team. ___ There's so much I could talk about, but I don't have the time. I think the points I mentioned are really important if you want to actively play ARAM. What do you guys think about the current state of the game ? What items are good to build ? How is it different from normal games ?
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