your match making for new player is so bad i wanna delete game

hi, i am new player to this game and i start LOL for about a month i am lvl 27 and i just start with bots till lvl 20, after that i deiced to play pvp but riot my enemy was not on my lvl!!!!! i am lvl 27 and u put g1 player lvl 157 in my enemy, lvl 230 and this high levels player in my enemy for sure they are better player and they will beat me so hard, i try master yi jg first time and enemy was shaco main g1 lvl 157, i couldnt even farm my jg he wass lvl 17 i was lvl 10 he was 200 cs i was 90. i know world is not fair and strong will eat weak but as new player i wanna enjoy playing pvp not justloosing so bad and my team mate who is also high lvl and high rank flame me and say you troll you int and cry whole game!!!! pls fix your match making and if i am new player put new players in my enemy and in my ally.(also smurfs are shit thing that ruined game as well) why as new player i cant have fair game? if your game is dead right now because of fortnite and apex and you dont have new players that join recently just tell and i let your old players play with each other and delete this game, i am tired of playing vs smurfs and high level high rank players.

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