What champions would I enjoy?

I would like to ask you to recommend me champions that are similar to the ones I am currently playing. This is my match history: http://matchhistory.euw.leagueoflegends.com/en/#match-history/EUW1/221270261 . I have a bit of a loss streak a while back since I tried to play ranked for the first time in ages and got matched with pretty bad players (around bronze/silver), whilst I am usually matched with silver/gold/plat in my normals and since I like to play tank junglers I couldn't really carry them. So back to my question: I am a jungle main and I am looking for climbing out of elo hell bronze IV, as that just looks sh*t on my profile. The criteria (in descending order) I would be looking for is: 1. Hard CC 2. Can Carry his team 3. Dash or movement ability 4. Fun to play 5. Some form of AOE spell 6. No mana (or no mana problems) After thinking about this issue for while, I came up with this list of champions: VI{{champion:254}} Lee Sin{{champion:64}} Hecarim{{champion:120}} Graves{{champion:104}} Noturne{{champion:56}} But not one of those champions really appeals to me especially much. So, with note to my match history, could you help me choose a champion to abuse out of bronze and into about gold? At the moment I main Shen{{champion:98}} Amumu{{champion:32}} XIn Zhao{{champion:5}} But none of them (except maybe xin) can really carry hard. Help me put Guys!
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