any support champion recommendations please

im transitioning into support and i wanna play about 200 normal games on a support before i get back into rank because i wanna otp a good support and get enough experience on that champion im looking for a champion that is relevant from gold 3 onwards and can manage when team is behind at the same time i kinda want to main someone that is secretly op, the reason i want it to be a secret op champion is because i dont want to begin to main a champ and 2 months later they get nerfed into oblivion also its off meta is alright, it is my favourite because people tend to not know how to play against them, i used to otp kindred on my old account and she was fun to play because not many knew how to play against her and after she became meta it sucks to play her because everyone and their granny knows how to play against her so off metas that are good is more than welcome... and might be preferable hope i am not asking too much
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