how to play evelynn decently?

i mainly play jungle, and got S ranks for most of my jungle champions. the only one i'm missing is evelynn, which is my second most played champion, but my best grade is A-, which is a bit disappointing. this is my last game, where you can see my build: which is really different to what is suggested here: regarding the guide, i really don't understand the suggested items: titanic hydra: damage in a cone? but evelynn most of the games does not play in line, and should focus adc, which are normally far from their teammates.. edge of the night: ok, it's a good item early when you gank in lanes, but late game there are so many spells who cares if you counter the first one. what am i missing with the items? why do i keep getting very low scores with evelynn although i think i'm not playing that bad?
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