Unranked player playing ranked games with silvers, golds

Hi, This is my very first topic on League forums. So I'm having a trouble in ranked games, I've played 4 games out of 10 placement games and won 3 out of them and lost one, the thing is that, I've played once ranked, won, then stopped playing and I just got back into it again. Those last 3 games, I've been placed with HQ players, golds, silvers, most of the time I'm the only one not having a border or something like that while I've played once with 3 golds, all lv7 champs and one silver. This is bad, I'm a newbie, I'm new to ranked, I want fair games, with players that have as much as experience as me. Edit: I thought about giving you my score board 1/4/18 Blitz win 1/10/3 Blitz lose 1/6/20 Blitz win 2/9/22 Blitz win Thanks for reading this.
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